BONDAGE LILY 3! (Interactive)

92 ratings

Bondage Lily 3 is a pervy little game about a kinky girl named Lily!

The game starts with a brief bit of dialogue, then moves on to a bondage scene where you can tie up, gag, dress/undress, and interact with Lily in various ways, similar to a dress-up game. (You can dress her hair, undress her everywhere...) Lily makes sounds, blushes, and changes facial expressions in response to your actions!

The bondage scene is fully voiced, featuring over 150 gagged voice clips. Which ones you'll hear depend on how turned on Lily is and how exactly she's gagged - a strip of tape will sound different than a ballgag, and both of those will sound different than a huge, multi-layered muffler!

You've got plenty of costume/clothing options as well - tops, bottoms, and headwear can be freely mixed and matched. You can change most items' color too!

A stripped-down demo version can be downloaded for free here. Only Windows is currently supported.

How to play:

  • Click and drag to use items.
  • Right-click to remove stuff.
  • Right-click on some items to change their color.
  • Right-click on Lily's head to change her hairstyle.
  • Press M or click the little music note in the top-right to mute the music.
  • Press W to toggle windowed mode.
  • Press Esc to close the game at any time.

Most features in the demo are disabled. In the full version, you'll be able to:

  • Use all those blacked-out items and locked options (of course!)
  • Layer up Lily's gagging a lot more, including an option for bigger, cheek-bulging mouth stuffing!
  • Bind Lily up much more heavily - give her a crotchrope, use more rope on her legs and torso, layer tape over rope, or even totally mummify her!
  • Take off Lily's socks... and maybe use them for other stuff!
  • Strip Lily nude (oh my!)
  • Add vibrators, hoods, blindfolds, and collars!
  • ...and more!

If you have any questions or want to report a bug, feel free to message me on DA or Patreon, or @ me on Twitter.

I hope you'll enjoy getting to spend some time with this cool kinky gal! 😎

UPDATE 8/24/23: The Hogtie Update!

BL3 1.1 is here! In the main scene, you can now put Lily into an all-new hogtie pose. Yeehaw! 🤠

In the new pose, you can do all the same stuff and use just about all the same items you could in the original sitting pose. Tie Lily up, gag her, dress/undress her, and more!

But that's not all!

This update also adds two new outfits!

Electrical tape!

...and even bigger gags with a new third "level" of mouth stuffing!

I've drawn new versions of all the previous gags to match the new stuffer. Since this feature is for the true gag maniacs like myself, I made the new ones extra huge!

Even the biggest gags from the original version look downright small compared to the new ones. And you can even go a bit further than that: using the cloth one more time on a six-layer, triple-stuffed gag adds a unique, extra-massive layered cloth gag! Try it out and see! 👀

I hope you'll have lots of fun with this super-stuffed upgrade to Bondage Lily 3! 

Thanks all!

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(92 ratings)
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BONDAGE LILY 3! (Interactive)

92 ratings
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